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Sonicbids – It Happened to Me: The Record Label I Was Signed to Went Under ft. Michael McKnight, Soulidium


By Adam Bernard

Signing a deal with a record label is often thought of as not just a major step in an artist’s career, but a signifier that all the hard work that’s been put in has paid off. To put it another way, it’s a heck of a high. That high, however, can be short lived if the label you sign to folds. No one ever wants to think about the proverbial walls crashing down, but it’s a very real possibility. And when it happens, it can leave an artist in an extremely difficult place.

I caught up with four artists who were on record labels that folded: Lacey-Lee Brass of Lillix (who were signed to Maverick); Ace Ha (2KSounds); Michael McKnight of Soulidium (Adrenaline Music Group); and Patrick Keenan of The Winter Sounds (Livewire Recordings) to find out about their experiences and how long it took them to get back on their feet.

How did you find out the label you were on folded?

Lacey-Lee Brass: We knew Maverick was folding for about a year or more, as there were some major firings at the company, then they moved out of their office building and into Warner Brothers. It was a transitioning phase, but we were aware that eventually Warner would either take us or not. This was all occurring while we were recording our second album [in 2005]. We just carried on recording, and the album eventually came out in August of 2006. We released one single, went on a Canadian tour that September/October, and before the show on the last concert date, our manager called us and let us know that Warner did not pick us up. Click Here To Keep Reading